Trimble County Public Library

"All who attended the Trimble County Public Library’s showing of ‘Wonder; Lives of Anna and Harlan Hubbard’ came away with a deeper understanding of the Hubbards’ philosophy for the simple but abundant life they lived at Payne Hollow on the banks of Ohio River in Trimble County.  Many who watched this documentary had personally visited the Hubbards and came eager to share their memories . Producer Morgan Atkinson generously introduced ‘Wonder’ and fielded comments and questions from the audience after the showing. Comments from the audience conveyed the thrill they had to ‘visit’ the Hubbards again and eagerness they had to pass the Hubbards’ life and legacy on to the next generations.  The ‘ Wonder’  program has been a highlight for Trimble County Public Library. The  programs were fully attended and very well received."

- Betsy Tweedy

Madison County Public Library in Berea

"Morgan Atkinson brought to Berea a film that has beautifully seamed together all the pieces that made up the lives of Anna and Harlan Hubbard.The audience at the Madison County Public Library, whom were all well versed on the Hubbards, found themselves learning much more about the lives of the famous couple. The audience was captivated vicariously traveling along the river with the Hubbards. Mr. Atkinson brought to life the extraordinary lives of two inspirational people, through his film Wonder. Their transcendental life stories coupled with the development of Harlan's art seemed to have the enthralled audience floating in a shanty of peaceful enlightenment."

- Athena Gentry

Nelson County Public Library

"Morgan Atkinson came to the Nelson County Public Library on a Wednesday night in May to screen his film "Wonder: The Lives of Anna and Harlan Hubbard". The audience was enchanted by the beauty and poetry of the couple's life.  Mr Atkinson was gracious, down-to-earth and very approachable.  The question/answer period confirmed my suspicion that they had all made 3 friends that night: Anna, Harlan and Morgan."

- Carol Elliot